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Dear international visitor, until we have fully translated our web site and mobile apps, we would like to provide you with some general information about Locadeo. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our english-speaking team. Download Factsheet (PDF)

Key Business

• Mobile App for gifts
• Mobile App for shared experiences
• White-label solution for companies


• Established 2012
• Q1/13 Launch of app for Android/iphone and Facebook page
• Q3/13 Launch of fully-featured Android/iphone app and web site
• Q4/13 Formation Locadeo GmbH
• Q4/13 Cooperation with TV station SIXX
• Q1/14 Downloads exceed 50 K mark

Ownership: 100 % privately held by founders

Target Group

• b2c consumers young to old who are searching for the right gifts
• b2c consumers who want to be inspired with exiting offline adventures
• b2b companies who want to implement an innovative, company branded tool to excite and bind their b2c customers
• b2b companies who are looking for exiting presents for their business partners or cool events for their stakeholders


• Mobile based
• Costless for the b2c users
• Ease of use by connect to Facebook
• Accuracy of gift proposal

Company Overview

Locadeo is the source of ideas for gifts and shared experiences that enable comfortable and on-target nurturing of relationships in both private and professional spheres based on algorithmically optimized relationship management.

Operating in a Thriving Market

Locadeo Research expects the annual growth of the European E-Commerce market to be at least 11 % according to recent studies of Forrester Research. The gift and leisure activities market only in Germany comprises a volume of 27 Bn € respectively 30 Bn € whereas the potential commission already in 2013 will add up to a potential of 200 Mio. €.

The usage of smart phones and thus mobile applications will dramatically increase within Germany and Europe. A recent survey from Deloitte in 2012 indicates that already 5 % of the offline purchases are affected by smartphones; this figure will grow up over 16 % in 2016. Gartner predicts a worldwide growth of mobile transactions from today $ 171 Mio to $ 617 Mio in 2016.

The Right Product at the right Time

Searching and buying via Smartphone is obviously en vogue and will grow rapidly. The focus of usage is creating apps which solve a problem of the user. Locadeo loads personal information of friends and relatives by easily connecting to social networks such as Facebook. Nevertheless the application can be also used without connecting to any social network by simply using the direct access. The information will be enriched by an algorithm which also matches the interests of its users to products provided by connected affiliate partners. The outcome is the perfect present for the selected presentee even if the person is not well known by the giver. The memory function never forgets any special days such as x-mas, birthdays, anniversaries; just like an electronic butler. Additional editorial tips give the user great ideas how to enrich the relationship to family and friends.

Nevertheless this great app can even be used in the b2b communications between companies and their partners finding individual and suitable presents for important events. Moreover Locadeo offers companies with b2c target groups to adapt Locadeo to their design and use it as an innovative CRM tool to effectively bind their b2c customers.

The Locadeo Team

Christoph Köpernick, CEO, entrepreneur with a proven 13 years track record of success in a variety of industries including digital advertising, software developing, IT and other ventures. Mr. Köpernick, was educated at the Steinbeis University of Berlin in Digital Management.

Christian Baer, CTO, possesses over 13 years working experience in web development, IT consulting and project management as well as management of startups. Mr. Baer, an IT expert was educated at the TFH University in Berlin.

The founders are supported by a marketing- and ecommerce-focused advisory board and Locadeo employs a team of experts in technology, marketing and social sciences.

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